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Money-Management Made Easy With Tips From Financial Fiduciaries LLC’s Tom Batterman

Financial Fiduciaries WI Tom Batterman

Nobody expects you to know everything about smart investment practices. Further muddying the waters is the fact that the landscape is always changing: Federal tax overhauls, fluctuations in interest rates, stock market gains and recent losses and more make this financial frontier a daunting one. Fortunately, there are professionals like Tom Batterman and Financial Fiduciaries LLC standing by to help you navigate this often confusing frontier. With assistance from Thomas Batterman, you can expect expert insight into your personal financial goals. Whether this means wealth management and investing, financial planning as part of your legacy, surplus investment or even helping insurance companies with their own planning, Thomas W Batterman is standing by to help. He’ll be doing so here on his personal blog, so we encourage those getting serious about their own fiscal concerns to check here often.


Many wonder how exactly can Thomas Batterman and Financial Fiduciaries LLC of WI address their unique requirements. Financial Fiduciaries, founded in 2010, is a fee-only fiduciary service. Fortunately for you, the client, a fiduciary is someone who is legally and ethically required to work in the best interest of those they are advising. The same can’t be said for other financial advisors, who will be all too happy to sell you a mutual fund or other product that benefits them via a commission. That’s not the case with Tom Batterman, whose years of experience in the field of investment and wealth management has allowed him to learn plenty about programs and options that some financial advisors would never talk about with their clients because there are no commissions or other sales compensation involved..


One of the ongoing issues that Thomas W Batterman has kept a close eye on recently is short-term interest rates in the U.S. According to a Feb. 12, 2018 Bloomberg News article, “extremely low interest rates might finally be coming to an end” in a period when “inflation and wage growth suggest that the economy is already heating up.” Domestically, higher interest rates could keep the U.S. economy from “overheating,” as Bloomberg reports. Internationally, businesses with debt owed to the U.S. would like to know sooner rather than later what the interest rate on their repayments is going to be. While the latter aspect isn’t likely to affect folks coming to Financial Fiduciaries WI for advice, it’s still something that Thomas Batterman will be able to brief them on and offer a complete picture. When working with this company, you’ll receive the same money-management tips that experts in the field would follow if it were their own personal investments to oversee. Nobody expects you to know everything about Social Security strategies and stock market moves, but experts in the field can help you make the right decisions.