Tom Batterman, Financial Fiduciaries LLC Can Help You Complete Estate Planning Process

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tom battermanThe world’s a busy place and your day-to-day schedule is likely bookended by obligations that you can’t reschedule. This reality is one of the many reasons why estate planning often falls by the wayside until it’s too late. That’s very unfortunate, says Thomas Batterman, because everyone has an estate and it’s unfair to shoulder grieving loved ones with the responsibility of knowing what to do with your worldly possessions after you’re gone. As a legally and ethically-obligated fiduciary, Tom Batterman of Financial Fiduciaries LLC has helped countless clients get their estate in order despite that hectic daily schedule. For those looking for financial advice that’s going to make your life easier — and the lives of loved ones a little simpler, as well — then you’ve come to the right place.

Why hire a fiduciary to help with estate planning? A fair question and one that professionals such as Thomas Batterman can easily explain. According to Forbes magazine, conducting this process can help you and survivors navigate certain legal hoops that the unprepared will have to jump through. Per Forbes, “55 percent of Americans don’t even have a will, which can be an alarming thought, especially in certain states. In the state of Connecticut, for example, there are certain laws that mandate how your assets will get distributed.” For those who’ve amassed a collection of considerable financial or sentimental value, the worst thing to watch happen would be a state-mandated distribution. The Forbes article also notes that assets of a certain value will be subject to estate taxes adding another complication that needs to be addressed.

According to Tom Batterman, a sit-down at his Financial Fiduciaries LLC office can help clients plan for the inevitable while still having a say in what happens after they are gone. Since Mr. Batterman is also keen on current economic policy, he’ll be doing more than guiding you on the development of your will, powers of attorney and other important documents as part of the estate planning process. Rather, Thomas Batterman can give clients of a certain age retirement advice as it pertains to investments, as well. Obtaining a steady source of income during those “golden years,” when the bi-weekly paycheck has been exchanged for Social Security distributions, can prove to be a rude awakening. Since Tom Batterman and Financial Fiduciaries LLC can only provide ethical advice as legally-bound advisor, you’ll know that you’re not being sold a bill of goods that won’t pay off in the long run. Regardless of whether you’re looking for estate planning help or investment guidance, the assistance of a fiduciary is a common request for those looking to tie up loose ends and help family out in the process.

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